Tips To Stay Warm On A Winter Adventure

winter vacation gold coastMost travellers do not like to go hiking and camping in the ice and snow. But amazingly expert travellers love exploring the icy mountains. Hardcore wilderness-lovers love the challenge the cold weather brings as they know it is a very different outdoor experience.

If you are planning to go on a trip in freezing conditions, make sure that you plan this beforehand as this adventure requires a different set of survival skills. If you actually do it right, you will not feel the cold but you will enjoy your winter adventure even more.

Layering is important

Layering means you need to add or remove different layers of clothing. Keep in mind that while you do not want to get too cold, you also do not want to start sweating inside your clothes. Sweat sucks heat away from your body which will make you feel colder in the long run.

If you want to stay warm, you need to balance your clothing. This means you need multiple layers of clothing and that it is important to add or remove layers of your clothes depending on your activities.

You may need a warm insulating layer and windproof, waterproof or breathable shell jacket to protect yourself against the outdoor elements.

Don’t forget your feet

You need to take care of your feet and make sure that it is warm if you are going to trudge through ice and snow. If your feet are not properly insulated, your toes may get frostbite.

Make sure to wear a proper winter-rated boot which also includes a removable insulation layer if possible. Also, make sure that your boots have room for at least 2 layers of thick socks so do not pick boots that are just right for your foot size.

In extreme temperatures, wrap plastic bags on your bare feet then wear socks over them. This will help trap in heat while also avoiding your socks from getting soaked with sweat from your feet.