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La Tomatina – The Tomato Festival

Each year, on the last Wednesday in August, there is a giant food fight in Bunol, Spain. The town’s population grows from 9,000 to 20,000 as revellers come to enjoy the festival.
It starts from about 11am, when lots of trucks bring the tomatoes to the town centre, Plaza del Pueblo.

Now, the festival isn’t supposed to start until someone has reached the top of a greased-up wooden pole that’s two stories high, where a ham sits. This can take quite a long time, and the festival usually begins even if someone doesn’t reach the ham.

Once the water cannons are fired, the battle is on! It can get quite rough, so be sure to look after your friends and yourself as best you can. Have a designated meeting place for after the fight, in case you all get seperated.

The fight finishes within an hour, and no more tomatoes are allowed to be thrown once it’s over. Most stores that are in the firing line put up plastic sheeting to protect their shopfronts, and to make cleanup much easier.

Fire trucks are used to clean the streets, but don’t be surprised if they’re more focused on doing that than helping you wash off. You can usually find some nice residents that will hose you as you pass by though.

You can stay in Bunol overnight, but you’ll have to book your accommodation pretty far in advance due to the town’s small size. A lot of travellers stay in towns outside of Bunol, like Valencia.

One of the biggest rules during the fight is that you must squash the tomatoes before you throw them, to make them hurt less when they hit people.

This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience for any traveller who likes doing things out of the ordinary. Make sure you have La Tomatina on your bucket list, and be prepared for the time of your life!

Travel For Food – Italy’s Best Cities For Food

There are many great places to visit in Italy, and for travellers visiting the country because of its amazing food, visit Italy’s best cities for food. There are hundreds or even thousands of places to fill your stomach with the most amazing Italian deliciousness.

Taste the Best Pasta in Rome

Your food hunting in Italy will never be completed if you do not visit Rome. There are a lot of great places to visit and you will never run out of things to do. Once you are in in the city, get a big bowl of carbonara which is composed of fresh eggs, hard cheese, guanciale, and a sprinkle of pepper.

After enjoying your carbonara, visit the Colosseum and take photos of the Trevi fountain, Piazza Navona, and Pantheon.

Mondeghili in Milan

Mondeghili is similar to beef meatballs that were introduced by the Spaniards almost 500 years ago. It was known to be a peasants food but is now known to be the dish of the city. After enjoying this meal, make sure to go to the La Scala Opera, the Santa Maria Della Grazie, where you can find “Last Supper” made famous by Leonardo da Vinci.

Best Tiramisu in Venice

Venice is one of the best places in the country to visit. It is one of the most beautiful cities not just in Italy, but in the world. And let us not forget their food. One sweet treat that you can enjoy once in Venice is its Tiramisu. Made from egg yolks, savoirdi, mascarpone, strong espresso and little cocoa – it’s a real treat most will love to eat.

Travel And Leisure – Great Reasons To Travel The World

travel the worldTravelling the world is what most people want to do and for those who have been doing it, travelling to as many places as they could change their lives in the most unexpected ways. If you also inspire yourself to go the distance, you will also learn the same thing.

Here are some great reasons why you should also travel the world.

Make friends in every country you visit

When you travel the world, you will eventually be able to connect yourself with other people’s culture and at the same time create bonds with them. These people will even be excited the next time you visit and they will most likely want to stay connected with you as long as they can.

It builds character

Travelling gives you a lot of opportunities to build a better you. It makes you wiser and even open opportunities not most people get. The more you see the world, the more you know how the world really works. Sharing and learning about different cultures can let you see the endless possibilities of connections and opportunities. While you can always read stories about great places, but nothing beats being there and seeing those places for yourself.

Living in the present

Travelling mostly gives you the opportunity to live in the present and not mind what will happen tomorrow. In our fast-paced world, we always worry about what the future would hold, but when we see the world, we enjoy every day as it is, without the worries making us happier, fulfilled individuals.

There are more reasons to travel to new locations. Give yourself a good break and explore the beauty of the world.

Travel Tips – Factors To Consider When Choosing A Good Hotel

hotel accommodationsOne of the important things to prepare for your travel is your hotel accommodation. Some travellers struggle to find a hotel every time they visit a new place. Sometimes, choosing a hotel can be troublesome and sometimes people just give up searching and settle for what they find instantly.

The choices of hotels are never short as there are many different hotels to choose from at any location. The many options make the selection even harder. Before you book a hotel there are some factors you need to consider. It includes:

Price Range. The hotel you choose will depend on your travel funds. You can only spend within your allotted travel budget so look for the hotel that will go with your budget. It is a good practice to compare the different prices to identify the common price of a good hotel. You may also ask the locals about the different hotels in the area and their price range.

Services covered in every package. Hotels packages vary so you may want to know what is included in a package you intend to take. Some hotels add breakfast in their package deals while some offer breakfast as a separate commodity. Some hotels may include some services in their overall pricing while others have separate pricing on specific services. Weighing on the different options available will help you decide which hotel to choose.

Available of hotel amenities. The amenities and facilities of a hotel are also one of the deciding factors to consider. Facilities such as a spa, a gym and a swimming pool can make your time at the hotel relaxing and comfortable.

Hotel location. The location of your accommodation may depend on the purpose of your travel. If you intend to go sight-seeing, choose a hotel that is located in the centre of the city. If you are looking for a tranquil place to stay then you may opt for a hotel located away from the city.

Hotel reviews. One of the ways to help you find a good hotel is getting information from reviews. It has become a reliable source of information for many travellers. Reading reviews will help you know the kind of services different hotels provide and see how other travellers say about their experiences with the hotels.

Whether you travel you want your hotel to provide you with a comfortable stay during your vacation. Considering some of these important factors in choosing a good hotel will help figure out which ones would be the perfect place to stay.

Tips To Save Money On Your Next Vacation Trip

travel tips gold coastPlanning for your next vacation can be fun and exciting. It can also be stressful because there are a lot of things to consider in the planning process. Furthermore, getting the best possible travel deals are hard to find and often so limited. Here are some tips to help you save money on your vacation trip.

Travel in the off-season

Travelling to destination spots during the low season can be really appealing, especially when you are looking to save money while enjoying. During these times you can find discounted prices on travel and accommodations. And aside from the low-cost travel experience, you get to enjoy a crowd-free vacation spot.

Choose cost-effective travel options

Choosing an indirect flight may take more time before you get to the intended destination, but a connecting flight is usually cheaper than non-stop flight. Also, it is cheaper to book flights on weekdays. You can literally save money from when you know how to find cheap flights.

Do not exceed the baggage limit

Make sure to check the weight of your luggage before you leave home to paying the high baggage fee when you exceed the baggage limit. For any extra items that your pack in your full luggage, use a decent hand-luggage bag to have the extra room you need to pack a few extra items.

Skip the most popular spots

A simple way to cut travel cost is to avoid the most popular spots. Look for other great alternatives to popular locations that travellers find attractive. Popular places are usually quite pricey, but there are other tourist spots in your preferred destination that may not cost as much as the popular spots.

Score a great deal when booking last-minute

You can find real bargains when you book last minute. The range of choice may be limited, but you can be almost certain that any remaining availability comes at a discounted price.

Tips To Stay Warm On A Winter Adventure

winter vacation gold coastMost travellers do not like to go hiking and camping in the ice and snow. But amazingly expert travellers love exploring the icy mountains. Hardcore wilderness-lovers love the challenge the cold weather brings as they know it is a very different outdoor experience.

If you are planning to go on a trip in freezing conditions, make sure that you plan this beforehand as this adventure requires a different set of survival skills. If you actually do it right, you will not feel the cold but you will enjoy your winter adventure even more.

Layering is important

Layering means you need to add or remove different layers of clothing. Keep in mind that while you do not want to get too cold, you also do not want to start sweating inside your clothes. Sweat sucks heat away from your body which will make you feel colder in the long run.

If you want to stay warm, you need to balance your clothing. This means you need multiple layers of clothing and that it is important to add or remove layers of your clothes depending on your activities.

You may need a warm insulating layer and windproof, waterproof or breathable shell jacket to protect yourself against the outdoor elements.

Don’t forget your feet

You need to take care of your feet and make sure that it is warm if you are going to trudge through ice and snow. If your feet are not properly insulated, your toes may get frostbite.

Make sure to wear a proper winter-rated boot which also includes a removable insulation layer if possible. Also, make sure that your boots have room for at least 2 layers of thick socks so do not pick boots that are just right for your foot size.

In extreme temperatures, wrap plastic bags on your bare feet then wear socks over them. This will help trap in heat while also avoiding your socks from getting soaked with sweat from your feet.

Common Travel Mistakes To Avoid

travel guide gold coastPeople make a lot of mistakes when they travel. We take a look at some of the common mistakes people make when they travel.

Not printing your ticket. No matter how tech savvy you are, it is always useful to print out your ticket and keep a copy as backup. You may screenshot your ticket or download an app to have the ticket on your phone. Depending on the country you will visit, having a printed copy of your ticket can save you time, money and a lot of anxiety. Also, a copy of your reservations can be really useful.

Overpacking. This usually happens to women and the result is unwanted excess baggage fees. Most travel destinations have hotels that provide laundry services. Avoid bringing a lot of your stuff and come back home having used only a few of them. If you plan to backpack, bring only the necessary things to have a lighter load.

Not calling the credit card company before you travel. Using your credit card abroad may prompt an unusual spending pattern if the company is not aware of your overseas trip. This may result in a stopped transaction. However, it may not mean your card is invalid. For safety reasons, it will require you to answer security questions or ask you to call to verify the card user. This can be a hassle for you and the shop.

Not checking your phone plan. Using your phone abroad can be very costly, even if you are on the receiving end of the call. You do not want to come back home and find a huge phone bill. Before you travel, make sure you know what your data plan is and adjust accordingly or make an arrangement to use local phone cards in the country you intend to travel to.